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Escrita Digital installs XRP |Training Management at CERMI

XRP |HR – News - 1º quarter of 2017
May 2017
During the first quarter of this year, we launched new versions of some of our applications and we added a new module to the XRP family, directed to the management of the way to pay rewards and inducements, which we named XRP |Rewards and Inducements.



Escrita Digital has been adapting its applications to fulfill the rules described in the General Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD). Which means that, in the new versions of the applications, we have introduced the possibility to fully erase the personal data if necessary (right to forget) and to dowload the information to a file (right of handling). We also have included a procedure which allows to ask to each employee if the released information is correct.
In the application XRP |Recruitment, we have included the possibility for the user to check the stored data, to make some changes or to request for removal.


We added a module to the application XRP |Performance Appraisal and Goals Management which allows to, after calculating the rewards, the employee to specify if he/she wants to receive his/her payment by tickets childhood/education/instruction.
This module works with the employee's file where the family is described.


XRP |Performance Appraisal and XRP |Competencies Management

  • We reinforced the functions associated to the catalogue of goals, and it is now possible to show the evolution of a goal in a Dashboard.
  • We introduced the concept of salary strips, allowing the strip to be independent from roles, beeing connected to a role or to another reference (ex.: professional categories)
  • We introduced the possibility to evaluate by project. This concept allows a manager to evaluate, at any moment, his/her employees without interference of human resources. It also allows appraisals in case of anticipated resignations, wgen a reward as to be calculated.
  • We added a new module which allows the payment of rewards through tickets childhood/education/instruction. This module is completed with the employee's file where the family is described.

XRP |Training Management

  • We improved the functions of e-learning, beeing now possible for the user to start a graduation by e-learning for himself and to go foward to the evaluation, without the interference of training manager.
  • We included in the dashboard information about expected training, in what concerns hours and costs.
  • We introduced the possibility to establish training plans based upon competencies, courses beeing decided later.

XRP |Recruitment

  • We introduced in the site a private area, which can be accessed by a candidate to confirm, update or to request for the removal of his data.
  • For all recruitment adds posted in the site, it is now possible to include standard fiels. This function allows the candidate himself to add, when he applies, the necessary indicators so his candidature is handled.
  • In the recruitment processes, each client may now define the states associated to each candidate, when they are included in a process for a certain post.

XRP |Employee Portal and Contract Management

  • In the module of contract management, we introduced the possibility of having different rules to calculate seniority according to the type of contract.
  • In what concerns alerts for contract's ending/experience term with appraisal, it can now be mandatory for the human resources to intervene depending on the result of the appraisal.
  • We introduced the possibility to generate alerts and guiding procedures for employees, and all the files and notifications can be sent by e-mail.
  • In what concerns occupational health, we now allow the employee himself to inform about the appointment and when it occured.

XRP |Assiduity and Vacations Management

  • In what concerns the procedure to take or change holidays, we introduced coloured codes in the links to access comments, to ease the understanding that there are justifications/comments to be read.
  • We improved the information given to employees about their presence, about timings upon working schedule or for the bank of hours, each employee receiving now daily information. This function is especially useful for employees under flexible schedule.

XRP |Expenses Management

  • We improved the functions for the management of expenses in currencies others to the basis currency, and the user can inform about the change he used in a concrete expense when the application cannot provide updated change.
  • We opened the possibility to include scanned documents in the expenses report.
  • We created a new type of budgets (overall budgets), which allows to agreggate expenses presented by several departments.
  • We now allow the user to present expenses with more than one credit card.


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