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XRP |Fleet Management
IFRS 16 – available features

XRP |Fleets - available applications
In the area of car fleet management, we have five applications using the concepts of gateway and workflows, which enables significant productivity gains and cost reduction. It also raises awareness in users towards saving fuel, driving safely and sharing vehicles.

XRP |Fleet Management
With this application you can manage an organization´s fleet and the respective complements (fuel cards, highway toll identifiers, parking), invoicing, contracts, maintenance scheduling, budgets, insurances, accidents, fines. . Also assures document flow management. It offers a set of alerts and others functions that instruct users towards a responsible and economic driving. It provides reports that show the real costs and ways to improve profitability without compromising quality of service. It Automatically calculates costs per time, kilometres and CO2 emissions.

XRP |Pool (car-sharing)
Allows the management of car-sharing vehicles and shared trips.
A pooled vehicle can be used by several people and the application manages the entire process from the time the vehicle is requested until its allocation, acting as a rent-a-car system itself.
Sharing trips allows that several users to go simultaneously in the same vehicle.
Car-sharing is one of the most effective ways of achieving significant cost reductions for the same level of service; it has positive impact on the environment and provides a better organizational cohesion.

XRP |Workshop Management (own)
This application enables you to manage an organization's internal workshop. It allows you to have a record sheet with the historical data from every vehicle, all the interventions, dates, used materials and labour costs.
It integrates with the XRP |Fleet Management application through the maintenance process and allows the upload of workshop costs into the vehicle’s record sheet.

XRP |Commuting
This application allows employees to organize themselves to share frequent trips, such as home-work-home. The company defines workplaces and invites the employees to register their routes in order to rideshare with co-workers. It also includes a feature that allows to offer lifts for frequent trips, either for occasional or pre-set places (for example, a training course, a meeting with a client, etc.).

XRP |Ridesharing
Application that enables employees to share trips using either personal cars or work vehicles. It includes a point system to encourage and reward participation in the program, and shows the environmental, economic, and energy savings to demonstrate the total impact of your ridesharing.

Purchasing options:
The applications can be purchased through perpetual licensing or they can be used by clients through the internet, working as a service (SaaS - Software as a Service).

For further details or to request a demo, please send us an e-mail to Fleet Information or contact us by phone at: (+351) 21 381 17 10.      
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