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XRP |Fleet Management
IFRS 16 – available features

This application allows you to manage a group of vehicles under shared use (pool) and also shared journeys in car-sharing. A pool vehicle is used by several people but it´s the application which manages the entire process of request and assignment of the vehicles, providing a control of costs more suitable to your organization. Car-sharing allows several people to use simultaneously the same vehicle.

    Key benefits:
  • The use of pooled vehicles significantly increases the utilization rate of the vehicles and allows to deliver the same level of service with fewer vehicles, therefore reducing costs;
  • Car-sharing allows people who simultaneously go somewhere to share the same vehicle, and it is the application that manages all the procedures;
  • Total control over the entrance gates and vehicle parking occupancy, controlling the movements of all fleet vehicles, even those not shared or just visiting;
  • Access to reports and indicators, such as occupancy rates, satisfaction rates, costs and mileage, overtime, etc.;
  • Easy system that provides fairness and transparency when the costs with journeys are allocated.

    Key features:
  • Full authorization system that adapts to complex organizations;
  • Automatic Pools, as the vehicle is allocated by the application or is manually allocated, though management;
  • Adapts to various types of fleet and use, from cars to machinery, to large passenger vehicles;
  • Management of taxi type shared services, whereby a single car covers several requests without returning to the parking;
  • Management of drivers for vehicles requesting this information;
  • Control over parking occupancy
  • Allocation of costs by time and driven kilometres;
  • System for controlling damages in vehicles;
  • Management of non-availability;
  • Simple and intuitive request process: a request order is filled in less than 30 seconds.

Vehicles requisition screen
Occupancy map for a group of vehicles. A request for a certain time in red will remain in standby until there's a vehicle available.
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