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XRP |Fleet Management
IFRS 16 – available features

XRP |Fleet Management
This application enables the management of the organization’s fleet and its supplements (fuel cards, toll identifiers, parking cards), which will help achieving productivity gains by decreasing significantly the amount of administrative work and also costs reduction.

On-line information is provided to all users responsible for vehicles about fuel consumptions and CO2, emissions, which can be shared with the whole organization, creating a certain state of awareness among users.

As in the ensemble of XRP applications, it works on an employee’s portal basis: a Web ambience where the employee can access to his/her own working area, specially prepared according to his/her role in the organization.

Key benefits XRP |Fleets
  • Centralizes in one database all the information regarding the organization’s fleet of vehicles with reliability and easy access;
  • Ensures the acknowledgement and control of all costs and consumptions regarding the fleet, per user, cost centre, vehicle and business unit;
  • Shares with all users the costs associated to the vehicles, promoting an awareness function upon them;
  • Publishes bookmarks, statistics and reports to optimize the fleet management;
  • Gathers employees around the fleet management, fairly and equitably, according to their professional position;
  • Registers and reproduces all procedures regarding the fleet management;
  • Improves more control and less bureaucracy.

Key features:
  • Ensures the management of contracts, including renting, leasing, ALD, ensurances or others hired services;
  • Ensures the management of all supplements (fuel cards, toll identifiers, parking cards);
  • Helps to control costs, the use and CO2 emissions and shares this information with all users in an educational way.
  • Manages economics and units’ budgets (e.g. fuel gallons);
  • Helps to contain undue services and notify about average consumptions;
  • Guarantees the vehicles’ allocation (who made significant changes and which/when changes happened);
  • Imports electronic invoicing from suppliers, processes and distributes costs according to contracts;
  • Sets, calculates and deducts VAT (Value Added Tax) rates (e.g. on fuel);
  • Imports invoicing from fuel and highways suppliers, distributes and processes for payment;
  • Accredit costs according to the organization’s rules;
  • Manages the whole maintenance process and related costs;
  • Generates alerts on prevention maintenance, including on mandatory periodic inspections;
  • Manages the vehicles’ plus;
  • Manages all documents, generating a sending protocol;
  • Manages events (e.g.: accidents, fines);
  • Controls mileage;
  • Generates reports upon statistics of use and its costs, decreasing costs and increasing the profitability of the fleet.
Straight away on the homepage, you can see any pending processes and alerts.
Through a search engine type search, you can easily find vehicles with alert notices.

For further details or to request a demo, please send us an e-mail to Fleet Information or contact us by phone at: (+351) 21 381 17 10 .
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