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XRP |Fleet Management
IFRS 16 – available features

XRP |Training Management
The application XRP |Training Management allows the management of the entire training process, identifying when training is needed, managing the whole process and rating the quality of the training and its impact in the day-to-day work. It ensures the compliance of established policies in companies certified on their quality regultations. It also empowers a good practice of the training, in agreement with the required competencies and qualifications, and published all the legal certifications.

As main benefits of the application, highlights are:
  • Assess the global needs for training;
  • Ability to detect not identified needs;
  • Development of a training catalogue, which can be integrated with the tool for competencies management;
  • Simplifies the request and management process, reducing the bureaucracy and tasks that do not generate any added value;
  • Ratings upon the quality and the impact of the training, in the day-to-day work;
  • Identifies the employee's qualifications and gaps to be trained;
  • Obtain all statistic information about the training process in the company, namely time, costs and areas according to the company's chart;
  • Publishes all the legal information required for the training, according to the employment legislation and to the quality regulation, even for public agencies;
  • Available in 4 languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

Main features and functions:
  • The computer application is based on the workflow, enabling each employee to have his own working area;
  • Identification of the training needs and gaps to be trained;
  • Creation of a class database (catalogue) and requisition in the referred database to enable an aggregated purchase;
  • Allows the management of the number of subscriptions, considering the capacity of the classes;
  • Allows the charging of combined costs;
  • Provides the entire company detailed statistics about time, costs and areas of training relating to the company's chart;
  • Empowers the integration of the training with the competencies management, allowing to define:
    • A training map for position;
    • A training map for a certain working place and the type of training required for it.

    For the employee:
  • Access to the training history;
  • Register new requests;
  • Know the status of requests previously made;
  • Check the training calendar;
  • Be a part in the whole management of the training process;
  • Proceed to the assessment of the training’s impact;
  • Be informed of the evaluation of the training’s impact according to the headship.

  • For the trainer:
  • Be able to register all information related to summaries, presences and documents upload/download;
  • Knowledge of the evaluation given to the training.

  • For the training manager:
  • Management in workflow of all the requests for training;
  • Knowledge of the global training needs;
  • Control of the individual and global costs, centres of cost, company's chart and budgets;
  • Automatic publishing of attendance form, summaries, diplomas;
  • Alerts about the on-going training and the given evaluations;
  • Automatic publishing of all legal and mandatory information and hours used for the training.
Each user has his own working area.

For further information about our products and services in this area, please send an e-mail to HR Information or contact us by phone: (+351) 21 381 17 10.
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