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XRP |Fleet Management
IFRS 16 – available features

XRP | Goals/Performance Appraisal
The software application XRP |Goals/Performance Appraisal allows the implantation of objective and transparent reward and merit policies, with no bureaucracy and reducing administrative work.

The application is fully specialized for the automation of:

=> Management systems depending on goals;
=> Commission systems based on multiple parameters.

The automation of this process also allows the organization to reach a better knowledge of its skills and capabilities as a whole.
As main benefits of the application, highlights are:
  • Allowing the organization to know in an automatic and immediate way the set of competences and capabilities of its Human Resources;
  • Automatic and dynamic building of the employee’s resume;
  • Reducing bureaucracy and a set of tasks that do not generate any added value;
  • Settlement of goals and supervision of its accomplishment;
  • Revision of actual pay wages and promotions through a transparent and objective process;
  • Reducing costs and increasing productivity in all the performance’s appraisal and competencies’ management.
Each user has his own working area.
The application allows the global management of the evaluation cycle and it is customized according to the rules and practices of the organization. Nevertheless, we propose, a process with an annual cycle divided in three phases.
  1. At start, goals are defined; an identification of “gaps” is made and correction measures are proposed, namely by ascertaining the needs for training.
  2. Revisions and adjustments, such as change of work station and/or conditions.
  3. Evaluation and reward deliverance, through the presentation of detailed justification of the evaluation of performance, immediately quantifying the reward.
Main features:
  • The operation of the application is based on the concept of workflow, providing to each employee a working area;
  • Possibility of integration with an application of training management;
  • Absence of information asymmetry;
  • Deals with quantitative and qualitative information;
  • Possibility of reviewing and adjusting in several phases of the process;
  • Capability to deal with the organization’s changes.

    For the employee :
  • Access to his history and having his resume and evaluations always available;
  • Knowing the detailed justification for his rewards;
  • Knowing his personal path and the point where he is.

    For the leadership :
  • Ability of having information on his employee at any time;
  • Possibility of knowing the competencies and capabilities of his business unit.

    For the manager :
  • Control the time of the process;
  • Identification of the larger gaps and insufficiencies of the organization accordingly to business departments;
  • Easy export of the information through CSV files (read by Excel);
  • Possibility of changing the organization chart;
  • Possibility of introducing alerts and notifications;
  • Ability to configure the algorithms of monetary reward;
  • Integration of the training programs with the performance appraisal and competencies management.
The evaluation can be checked at any moment.
The manager can export all information to Excel files.

For more detailed information about our products and services in this area, please send an e-mail to: HR Information or contact us by phone: +351 213 811 710.
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