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XRP |Fleet Management
IFRS 16 – available features

XRP |Recruitment
This application is destined to every company that may need a candidates’ database organized, easily searchable, that may want to ease and normalize the gathering of applications processes through the websites and deal with the information from internal interviews. It allows to know which external candidates are available for a function and to build indicators on the candidates. The application exists in a normal version directed to companies whose main activity is not recruitment and in another version directed to recruitment companies. It is commercially available, under the form of a license, either through the Internet or from our datacenter.

With this application it is possible to:
  • Keep a database of candidates, always updated and classified;
  • Directly collect applications through the Internet in an organized way;
  • Associate candidates to competencies to more easily research according to the function to be filled;
  • Post job announcements, disclose them in the database of candidates, and automatically collect applications;
  • Normalize the internal recruitment process, creating processes that allow to collect in a standardized way the results of the interviews and its ranking;
  • Having a search engine with multiple search criteria in order to be able to select candidates according to professional experience, qualifications, skills;
  • Fulfil the rules related to the General Regulation of Data Protection about data protection and access to personal information.
Main benefits:
  • Standardization of the candidates’ database according to skills and capabilities;
  • Standardization of résumé’s to ease their comparison;
  • Candidates can be researched in the database by multiple criteria (eg, skills, professional experience, companies, academic qualifications, schools);
  • Facilitate and standardize the process of internal recruitment.
Main features and functions:
  • Integration with website that uses complimentary mechanisms;
  • Manual loading of résumés;
  • Ability to upload résumés per file;
  • Free construction of evaluation templates;
  • Mechanisms of contact by email and telephone with registration of logs;
  • Standardized templates to print résumés;
  • Alert and trigger process for résumés'updating mechanisms;
  • Integration with functions and posts database;
  • Free construction of indicators for interviews and technical evaluation tests.
Integration with other applications:
  • XRP |Performance Appraisal;
  • XRP |Training Management;
  • XRP |Talent Management.

In case you want to see how we integrated the application on our website please visit www.escritadigital.pt/recrutamento.

For further information on XRP applications or to request a demo, please contact us by e-mail (HR Information) or by phone: (+ 351) 21 381 17 10


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